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 Johnny Depp/Fighting for a Cause

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PostSubject: Johnny Depp/Fighting for a Cause   Johnny Depp/Fighting for a Cause EmptyWed 24 Feb 2010, 8:50 am

I just read that Johnny Depp will appear on 48 Hours Mystery, in defense of the 3 men, wrongfully convicted.
I wonder if he will help me in my fight for justice............
My son, Joshua (19), was found dead in Amsler Park/McGregor, Tx, on February 16, 2006. Without an investigation or asking me, the mother, any questions, the inept McGregor PD presumed his death to be from Suicide!
However, after 4 filings of an FOIA, to 'obtain any and all documents, reports, written notes, dispatch logs, crime scene photos, officers' statements, and everntually, the atuopsy report, I am no closer to getting the truth out of McGregor PD/City of McGregor!
McGregor, Texas: Pop. 4,777
This being a small town, all of the original 8 officers of McGregor PD knew my two sons, especially Joshua.
He was last seen alive in Amsler Park @ 1AM by a McGregor patrol officer, but when I asked the former chief, Wadkins, which officer, out of two on duty, had seen him, he said, "I can't remember." The unknown officer's words: Joshua was not yet hanging in teh swing. (Amsler Park~Curfew @ 10PM.
Per the officers' statements, none of the four, on scene, were able to recognize him. Yet, one officer ran a wants and warrants check on the unrecognized subject with no ID!
Some 45 minutes later, when he was removed from the chain, the back of his shirt was pulled down, revealing ROBINSON tattooed across his upper back. The same officer commented, 'because of the proximity to the Robinson's home, they figured he must be a cousin they had never dealt with.'
The autopsy report does not support the 'Suicide' theory.
I specifically requested the official time/taped copy of the 911 call made by the complainant, who will remain anonymous. Per his words to me, he called 911 @ 5:15AM, but PD wasn't dispatched to the park until 5:35AM! Why the 20 minute lull? I was told that the document about the 911 call had been destroyed. WHY????
Read more about this "Travesty of Justice":
www.americaiswatching.org (Joshua Robinson) Attached documents, click on the underlined phrases.
Please sign/comment on the attached petition.

Johnny Depp~Can you help me in my fight?
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Johnny Depp/Fighting for a Cause
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