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 AIW Takes Biggest 3D Bow Ever

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PostSubject: AIW Takes Biggest 3D Bow Ever   Sun 07 Mar 2010, 8:32 am

Alice In Wonderland has become a major hit thus far beating out Avatar for opening weekend. Taking the biggest 3D bow ever and best March release ever and currently the highest grossing movie of 2010. Alice has taken an estimated $41M Friday & estimated $45M Saturday with a total domestic of $116,300,000. Alice In Wonderland has also taken $94,000,000 as of March 7th for Foreign Grosses. That is a whopping $210,300,000 Worldwide.

Some critics have slammed Alice In Wonderland but it looks like Disney has had the last laugh because no one is listening to them. It is also sad that Dick Cook and Oren Aviv will not be around to share in the success being as Disney had their heads chopped off ironically for not making enough money.

Well done Alice! Very Happy


Although, as I work at a cinema I'm pretty sure it won't do as well as Avatar in the long run, Avatar was one of those movies that built up popularity because word was spread around, everyone is going to see Alice in the first couple of weeks and then it'll die out, I'm sure.

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PostSubject: Re: AIW Takes Biggest 3D Bow Ever   Mon 15 Mar 2010, 6:16 pm

Alice in Wonderland was exceptional to say the least, 3D made it even more so. Everyone at the theater were talking about it as they walked out. Good work, great acting, etc. Keep them coming..... cheers
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AIW Takes Biggest 3D Bow Ever
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