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 Richard D. Zanuck

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PostSubject: Richard D. Zanuck   Thu 15 Apr 2010, 6:28 am

A nice little interview I found. Smile I love what he says about Johnny.

Quote :
On the green-screen set of "Alice," Richard Zanuck sat behind Burton and watched as the director guided Depp and costar Crispin Glover through a sword fight for a climactic fight scene. As Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway, both in costume, watched, Depp worked on his new blade technique -- he had been trying hard to make sure that his Mad Hatter character didn't use the same moves as old Jack Sparrow. Glover, meanwhile, was balanced atop stilts that would make his knavish character resemble a playing-card character come to life.

Even with all of that going on, Zanuck was more interested in young visitors to the set that day: Depp's children, who had come to see their father do imaginary battle.

"Johnny is a terrific father," Zanuck whispered. "Those kids mean everything to him. He's one of the biggest stars in history, but that's not what matters most to him."


Grow up, be mature, but still maintain those beautiful qualities. What I feel is important, is the freedom to invent things, however ridiculous. Don't be afraid to take risks, to be creative, and try things. - Johnny Depp
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Richard D. Zanuck
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