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 GMTV Interview

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PostSubject: GMTV Interview   Thu 02 Jul 2009, 4:27 pm

A nice interview with Mr Depp.

Part 1

Part 2

I can't help but wondering... do you think Lily-Rose is Juliet, BECAUSE she is his daughter? ... or is that just me being weird?

Grow up, be mature, but still maintain those beautiful qualities. What I feel is important, is the freedom to invent things, however ridiculous. Don't be afraid to take risks, to be creative, and try things. - Johnny Depp
03/07/06, 29/06/09 & 25/02/10

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PostSubject: Re: GMTV Interview   Sat 04 Jul 2009, 12:47 am

^^ Hmm could be Sarah, could be.
Thanks for the interview it was really nice I love when he talks about his kids! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: GMTV Interview   Sat 04 Jul 2009, 5:57 am

^I don't know..... Rolling Eyes

Thanks....the interview is so nice!!
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PostSubject: Re: GMTV Interview   Sat 01 Aug 2009, 3:32 pm

Aw, so sweet that she's in a play! I just love it when Johnny talks about his kids that way, I hope they love him as much as he loves them.

Who am I kidding, everyone loves Johnny!
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PostSubject: Re: GMTV Interview   

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GMTV Interview
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